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Credit, Workload, Accountability, & Fear: Opinions About Open Review

Update May 11, 2016. In a talk, given at Psychonomics in Granada Spain on Saturday, May 7, I discuss the contents of this and the previous post in a symposium on open science, organized by Richard Morey. My talk starts at 43:50 . The other talks are definitely worth a watch. Last week, I reported some quantitative analyses of my open-review survey. In this post I am going to focus on the respondents’ written sentiments regarding open reviews from the perspective of a reviewer. Many respondents provided written motivations for whether they disagreed or agreed with the statement “ as a reviewer, I'd like to have my review published along with the accepted paper.” They could also indicate whether they agreed only if their review would remain anonymous. A large majority (72%) indicated that they would like to see their review published. Forty-five percent of these respondents (87 out of 195) indicated that they only wanted to have their review published if they could remain ano