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A Commitment to Better Research Practices (BRPs) in Psychological Science

On the brink of 2017. Time for some New Year's resolutions. I won't bore you with details about my resolutions to (1) again run 1000k (not in a row of course), (2) not live in a political bubble, (3) be far more skeptical about political polls, (4) pick up the guitar again, (5) write more blog posts, and (6) learn more about wine. Instead I want to focus on some resolutions about research practices that Brent Roberts, Lorne Campbell, and I penned (with much-appreciated feedback from Brian Nosek, Felix Sch√∂nbrodt, and Jennifer Tackett). We hope they form an inspiration to you as well.  The Commitment Scientific research is an attempt to identify a working truth about the world that is as independent of ideology as possible.  As we appear to be entering a time of heightened skepticism about the value of scientific information, we feel it is important to emphasize and foster research practices that enhance the integrity of scientific data and thus scientific information. We ha