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Replicating Effects by Duplicating Data

RetractionWatch recently reported  on the retraction of a paper by William Hart. Richard Morey blogged   i n more detail about this case. According to the RetractionWatch report: From this description I can only conclude that I am that “scientist outside the lab.”  I’m writing this post to provide some context for the Hart retraction. For one, inconsistent is rather a euphemism for what transpired in what I’m about to describe. Second, this case did indeed involve a graduate student, whom I shall refer to as "Fox." Back to the beginning. I was a co-author on a registered replication report  (RRR) involving one of Hart’s experiments. I described this project in a previous post . The bottom line is that none of the experiments replicated the original finding and that there was no meta-analytic effect.  Part of the RRR procedure is that original authors are invited to write a commentary on the replication report. The original commentary that was shared