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Thanks, Everyone

  I wrote a popular science book. It is on comprehension and ranges from the understanding of words to the forming of conspiracy narratives. I wrote the book in Dutch. The title is Drang naar Samenhang: De Psychologie van het Begrijpen . An English translation would be Compulsion for Coherence: The Psychology of Comprehension .  Why did I switch to my native language, where it would have been easy—or maybe even easier-- for me to write the book in English? I had, after all, only written in English about comprehension before. There are several reasons for my linguistic U-turn.  First, I wanted to write something that the people around me would enjoy: Dutch speakers who might be interested in the topics I am discussing but won’t necessarily read a book in English. It is gratifying to receive messages and comments from people outside the field who find the book both useful and fun to read. I can’t say I have ever received such comments from people outside the field about any of my article