Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Invitation to a Registered Replication Report

Update December 17. Data collection is in full swing in labs from Buenos Aires to Berkeley and from Potsdam to Pittsburgh. Some labs have already finished while others (such as my lab) have just started. Data collection should be completed by March 1. 

Update October 24. Data collection has officially started. No fewer than 20 labs are participating! Besides investigating if the ACE replicates in native speakers, we will also examine if the effect extends to L2 speakers of English.

Mike Kaschak and Art Glenberg, discoverers of the famous ACE effect, have decided to run a registered replication of their effect. There already are 7 participating labs but we'd like to invite more participants. If you're interested in language, action, and/or replication and have access to subjects who are native speakers of English, please consider participating by responding to Mike's ( invitation:
Dear Colleague,

I am writing to ask whether you are interested in participating in the data collection for a multi-lab, pre-registered replication of the Action-sentence Compatibility Effect (ACE), first reported in Glenberg and Kaschak (2002). I am organizing this effort along with my colleagues Art Glenberg, Rolf Zwaan, Richard Morey, Agustin Ibanez, and Claudia Gianelli.

Your participation in this effort will involve running the Borreggine & Kaschak (2006) version of the ACE experiment (which uses spoken sentences, rather than written sentences as in Glenberg & Kaschak, 2002), following the registered protocol and sampling plan. We will provide the E Prime files required to conduct the study. Our current plan is to complete the preparations for the replication within the next month or so, with data collection to commence in the Fall of 2016, and continue through the Spring of 2017. All data collection should be completed by March 1, 2017 (if not sooner), and all data should be made available to us by April 1, 2017 (if not sooner). You will be expected to analyze the data you collect according to the registered protocol, and also to send us your raw data for analysis and eventual deposit in a public repository.

Because we are aware that different labs face different constraints with regard to the availability of research participants, our sampling plan will be as follows. If you agree to participate, we ask that you commit to collecting data from at least 60 participants, with a maximum sample size of 120 participants. We also ask that you pre-register your chosen sample size with us (sample sizes in multiples of 4, due to the counterbalancing involved in the study) before you begin data collection. We will post the sample sizes along with our pre-registration of the replication methods.

The protocol for the study and the E Prime files will be made available on the Open Science Framework.

All contributors to the data collection effort will be included as authors on the published report of the replication (as in previous published registered replications).

Thank you for considering our request. Please let us ( know as soon as you can whether you are willing to join our effort.

Michael Kaschak